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Historic Development Threats at

Lake Chabot


Nike Ridge Trail, 2015-16 -- East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) Police Facility. EBRPD's plans for a police and maintenance facility were withdrawn after hundreds of citizens attended a Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council meeting to protest the project. EBRPD's scheme would have placed three structures up to 3-stories high along the ridgeline overlooking Lake Chabot. A security gate would have prevented trail access to the ridge top where visitors enjoy some of the best views of the park. For more details, see Guardians of Lake Chabot.

Fairmont Ridge, 1997-98 -- Boulders Residential Housing Project-- 54 housing units. Lake Chabot dodged another bullet when this City of San Leandro plan failed . Thanks to citizen opposition, and more than a little help from El Nino, this project "collapsed" before it went far enough to trigger another referendum drive. Click here to see pictures of the proposed project site.  Click here for more details showing  the City's unrealistic images and  underestimated geologic hazards.

Fairmont Ridge, 1989-91 -- Lake Chabot Terrace Housing Project -- 137 housing units. Lake Chabot was threatened yet again by a City of San Leandro plan to place terraced housing overlooking the northern part of the Lake. The project was defeated by a successful referendum drive organized by citizens of San Leandro who gathered nearly 6,000 signatures to place the issue on the ballot. When a public opinion poll showed that 2/3 of San Leandro voters opposed the project, the developer withdrew the proposal and the item was pulled from the ballot.

Dunsmuir Ridge, 1986-96 -- Dunsmuir Heights Project -- 507 housing units. A ten-year battle to save Dunsmuir Ridge and the northern ridgeline above Lake Chabot was successful when the Oakland City Council voted unanimously to deny this project. The public hearings had some of the largest turnouts in the history of Oakland with nearly 1,000 people attending a planning commission hearling in 1989. By 1993, over 30 organizations were on record in support of protecting Dunsmuir Ridge. In 1996, City of Oakland purchased Dunsmuir Ridge to preserve it as permanent open space .

Fairmont Ridge, 1986-93 -- Fairmont Hills Housing Project -- 407 housing units. City of San Leandro and County of Alameda met vigorous public opposition to this public-sector scheme to place housing in the ridgelands west of Lake Chabot . Thanks to a vigorous and effective citizens effort based in Castro Valley and San Leandro, this project was defeated. In 1993, the major part of Fairmont Ridge was acquired by EBRPD and annexed to Anthony Chabot Regional Park.

Fairmont Ridge, 1986-87 -- Church Property (above the Marina) -- no specific housing proposal. When the eastern slopes of Fairmont Ridge (across the road from the Marina) became available for sale, Fairmont/Lake Chabot Ridgelands Committee led the effort to prevent the land from being sold for development. Instead, F/LCRC worked with EBRPD and Assemblyman Johan Klehs to pass legislation allowing for the District to purchase the property in 1987 (AB 800).

Fairmont Ridge, 1985 -- U.S. Department of the Navy Housing Plan -- 300 housing units (1,200 units planned in all).  Fortunately, the Navy scheme was scuttled when County of Alameda plans crashed on the rocks of public opposition. Well organized citizen opposition to the Navy proposal set a new standard for future public participation in the effort to protect Lake Chabot from encroaching housing development.

Dunsmuir Ridge, 1973-75 -- Chabot Hills Townhouses -- 520 housing units. City of Oakland approved this development plan in 1974, but the developer's financial problems led to the project's demise.

Dunsmuir Ridge, 1970 -- Shoreline Properties -- 600 housing units. The Oakland City Council approved this development permit in 1970, but the project was never built.

Dunsmuir Ridge, 1967 -- Marlin Development -- 344 housing units. This City of Oakland project was proposed, but the approval process was never completed.

Dunsmuir Ridge, 196? -- Chabot Hills Townhouses -- 1100 housing units. This huge development proposal was actually approved by the Oakland City Council, but the final development plan was never submitted and the approval expired.

last revised: February 11, 2022