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Chabot History Links

California State University, East Bay has excavated a Chinese camp called Yema-Po near Lake Chabot Dam.

Oakland Museum website has interesting maps and pictures showing history of Arrowhead Marsh and Lake Chabot Dam .


Oakland Geology website links:

Dunsmuir Ridge and the Irvingtonian Gravels

Dunsmuir Ridge Revisited; Irvington Gravels Visited

South Dunsmuir Ridge

The Dunsmuir-Chabot Trail

Rocks and Views of Fairmont Ridge


Lake Chabot Fishing Outfitters -- boat rentals

East Bay Regional Park District -- fishing, picnic facilities, trail maps.

Related Links

Friends of Parks is a group that monitors East Bay Regional Park District to make sure our public lands are being well managed (Alameda and Contra Costa counties).

"Guardians of Lake Chabot are citizens and community united to preserving Lake Chabot Regional Park's natural and wild beauty".


 last revised: October 27, 2022