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Thanks to the Fairmont/Lake Chabot Ridgelands Committee, 1993 was a very good year for the Lake Chabot ridgelands. Public acquisition of Fairmont Ridge provided permanent protection for this scenic landmark overlooking San Leandro and San Lorenzo and permanently protected much of the western ridgline above Lake Chabot.

Fairmont Ridge is an oasis for several rare plants; including California balsamroot (Balsomorhiza macrolepis), fragrant fritillary (Fritillaria liliacea), San Joaquin Valley snakeweed (Gutierrezia californica) and California black walnut (Juglans hindsii); and, is habitat for endangered species such as Alameda striped racer, peregrine falcon and Bay checkerspot butterfly.

Fairmont Ridge has its very own species. Fairmont blind harvestman (Microcina lumi) is found nowhere else on Earth.

last revised: February 11, 2022