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View Impact of EBMUD

Proposed Quarry Project


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Across the Lake

This photo shows all three benches of the quarry site in relation to Lake Chabot.

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Bass Cove Trail: Along the Lakeshore

Bass Cove Trail offers a scenic retreat for hikers. If the proposed dump site is approved above Lake Chabot, this remote wilderness setting will be lost.

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Bass Cove Trail

A typical view along the remote Bass Cove Trail. If the EBMUD's project is approved, park visitors will view a dumping operation overlooking this section of trail.

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Above the Dam

Along the trail to Lake Chabot Dam from the Estudillo Gate entrance. Another view of the three areas where the dump site is proposed.

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From the Lake

Proposed EBMUD Dump Site as viewed from the northern waters of Lake Chabot.

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last revised: January 24, 2023